the sacrament of


Baptism is the Beginning of a New Life. When a child’s baptism has been completed, a new life has been reborn into the Catholic Church.  Parents, family  and priest alike should experience satisfaction and joy.

The child’s baptism marks the beginning of the child’s life with Christ. This Sacrament is the beginning of a journey with family and the Christian community.

Parents, you are now preparing to have your child baptised, to introduce him or her to God’s life and the life of the Christian community.  It will be your privilege and responsibility to ensure that your child is raised in the knowledge and practice of the Catholic Church.

God-parents share the responsibility of helping the child to grow and mature in the Christian life.

Church law requires that at least one sponsor be a Catholic. Where there is more than one sponsor, or a number of sponsors, there must be a mixture of each sex (Refer Canon Law 874). In the case of Catholic sponsors it is desirable that they be practising members of the faith.

It is customary to make an offering to the church on such occasions. This is not a fixed amount and is left to the discretion of the couple. As a guide $50.00 is suggested. This offering is placed in the church central diocesan funds.

Baptisms are performed on the Second and Fourth Sundays of the month at 11:30am.